Anja Dalby is an educated dressmaker, with many years of practical experience, this has given her an comprehensive knowledge of her craft. Anja Dalby’s training, experience and understanding of organic textiles and fashion, has given her a considerable knowledge of what is happening in this corner of the fashion industry.

The Organic Clothes Guide was created in 2011 by Anja Dalby. Anja Dalby started her own brand of organic clothes, Palace by Anja Dalby, back in 2006. 2 shops and one web shop later, Anja Dalby decided to close her business in 2011, making instead The guide to organic clothes as a service to her former costumers, who now had no where to go and buy organic clothes.

The Organic Clothes Guide, is the new and improved version of the guide organic clothes.

Be you and know who you are! A sustainable life is also knowing yourself, your style and what you want to express and not changing your wardrobe every season, even if it is organic clothes you are buying.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please write me here.

If you know of a shop you would like me to add to the organic clothes guide, write a comment or use the contact form.

Enjoy the guide, happy organic shopping everyone!

Anja Dalby


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