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In my search for companys that would fit this guide to organic clothes, I found Andrea Burys products, and wanted to ask her a few questions to the knitwear and leather products that she produces. Andrea wrote back right away, and these are her answers to my questions:


Dear Anja

Regarding your questions to the ABURY knitwear collection – we don’t have a certification and also the business we are working with is a very traditional small business that doesn’t have a certification – as they are too expensive as well.

But – we have checked the supplier. All colors are dyed with natural colors except for the dark blue. Unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly what color they use at the moment but could find out. But all the other colors are natural colours – and we also stop working with the dark blue – it is only in the first collection. Sheep are held in the Andes – very natural and in a not industrial way. Our designer even helped the women going to the cows and sheep every day etc.

Regarding the ABURY leather bags, also here we do know the tannery and tanners ourselves.

In this case the tannery has a certification to produce according to EU law (as we locally source in Morocco this is very important to us). On top we had 10 bags and threads tested in an eco institut in switzerland on coloring (AZO Colors, etc.) and they all passed – except for one thread that we don’t use anymore obviously.

The ABURY bags are handmade by local artisans in Marrakesh. Also these are very close to us, we know the families as well – our mission is to preserve crafts and help people to make a living of their traditional skills. On top every product give back the hours of production in hours of education.

I hope this helps and answers your questions!

Andrea Bury

Founder/CEO of ABURY

Thank you for being transparant about your company Andrea, your answers were very helpful!

(Andrea gave permission for me to post her answers here at The Organic Clothes Guide.)

Organic Clothes Women

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