Sustain Daily – New Great Sustainable Site in Danish

Sustain Daily is a cooperative of Danish bloggers, who all have one thing in common, that they blog about being friendly to the environment in one way or the other.

Sustain Daily, is kind of like the “Mother Site” collecting information from the other bloggers and producing its own material at the same time. A webmagazine, only concerning a sustainable lifestyle. The site is full of inspiring articles, on everything from eating green, inner peace, to bigger environmental issues.


It is such a great initiative, primarily being run on the voluntary forces of Johanne Stenstrup and Emma Slebsager.

At Sustain Daily, you can also find a very large selection of articles on fashion. Fashion that has a twist to it, a sustainable twist.

Everything is in Danish, but keep your eyes out for Sustain Daily. I have a feeling they have the potential to be much bigger and perhaps international in the future.

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